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Cat Water Fountain Filters 6/12 Pack

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 ✅The #1 Rated 💦 Cat Water Fountain Filter💦 In The Market at a discounted price!!!🔥🔥  Our Cat Water Fountain is absolutely the best solution for your cat to be rehydrated all the time to keep them Healthy and Happy.

 Compactible with automatic flower fountain and other of the same size. Size: 5in(outer diameter), 1.5in(inner diameter). 
 Dual-action filters: Resin and active carbon. Resin can soften water and reduce the chance of lithiasis. Activated carbon can adsorb impurities and odor, keep the water fresh and clean.
Water quality can be removed by the three 3 types of filtration. The external cotton layer on each filter captures hair and debris. Three steps of filtration can assure the quality of the water and enhance the taste of freshwater for your cats.
Rinse the filter with water thoroughly before using it, easy to mount it on a pet water fountain.
 In order to ensure the water clean, the filter should be replaced in time, please replace them within 2 to 4 weeks.
Any problem, please contact our store without hesitation. Honor to serve you!
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