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Pet Cat Litter Mat

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✦ Pet Lovers are going crazy over this Pet Cat Litter Mat!!
Exquisite quilted edge, thicken bottom, durable quality, lightweight, easy to carry out.
Waterproof base layer preventing the water and urine from leaking to the floor. A cat litter pad is needed to absorb more urine.
Adopt for eco-friendly and high elastic Foldable, easily gathering the sands. The surface is smooth and will not bother the cat's paws.
Double-layer cat litter trapper for trapping litter from cat paws and litter box, help you to save cleaning time and sands cost.
 Easy to clean, just pour out the litter via the opening pocket. It can be washed clean by rinsing with water.
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Size XS: 30x45cm
Size S: 40x50cm
Size M: 46x60cm
Size M-F: 46x60cm Foldable
Size L: 55x70cm Foldable