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Infrared Sensor Cat Toy Robot Cleaner

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✦ Cat Lover's can't believe how much their cat will enjoy with this Two in One Infrared Sensor Cat Toy Robot Cleaner!!


 When the product is placed horizontally on the ground, the toy will move automatically.

 The product comes with a red light to attract the cat's attention and interest in the game.

 This product is made of environmentally friendly and healthy food-grade ABS material, which is strong, wear-resistant, and durable. It can be used for multiple cats at the same time, which can effectively improve the intelligence of cats while they are learning how to play.

 Cats can interact with toys alone or be accompanied by their owners. This toy and the interactive cat ball can move back and forth to bring fun to cats so that the cats will not damage furniture or clothes anymore.

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Package Included:

Cat Teaser robot*1 (Battery is not included)