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High Power Cat Pen Laser Pointer

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✦Cat Lovers are going crazy with this unique High Power Cat Pen Laser Pointer! With this adorable Automatic Laser Cat Toy!, you can bring a closer relationship between you and your lovely pet.
 Interact with the cat: Point the red light/pattern at the wall or floor, and let the cat try to capture the elusive prey. The cat can play for hours without getting bored.
 Ultra-long distance light: Greenlight can be projected to more than 100 feet indoors. With this cat toy, you can sit on the couch and interact with your cat without having to run around.
✦ Get this  High Power Cat Pen Laser Pointer at a special price.
The product is 100% brand new and high quality. Because batteries cannot be transported by air, you need to prepare in advance, thank you for your understanding.