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Self Teaser Stick Interactive Cat Toy

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✦ New arrival, unique Self Teaser Stick Interactive Cat Toy for your lovely Cat!


 Three-in-one multi-functional cat toy: This cat toy integrates a tumbler, food leakage device, and turntable. Your cat can eat while happily playing.

 Safe and environmentally friendly materials: Toys are made of non-toxic environmentally friendly plastic (ABS), and the shell is smooth and beautiful, which can protect pets from harm.

 Unique toys: Combined with the traditional food leakage ball and turntable, the speed of food leakage can be controlled, so that pets get food during play, and attract pets to keep playing.

 Easy to use: you can open the bottom, pour food, and can control the leakage rate on the side of the toy. It does not require a battery, so pets can play all the time.

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