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Cat Paws Nail Grooming Trimmer

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✦ Cat lovers Can't believe how much they love after getting this Cat Paws Nail Grooming Trimmer. It's extremely convenient and easy while trimming your lovely Cat nail.


 1.Safe, effective and accurate trimming: This cat nail grinder USES advanced diamond bit grinder to provide the safest and most comfortable pet claw grinder. Recommended by veterinarians and pet grooming professionals, painless and accurate nail trimming for pets anywhere.

2.Advanced 2 speed switch and 3 grinding ports: The trimmer features adjustable, low speed, high-speed design, powerful support for heavy grinding. There are three ports to match the small, medium, or large pets. Just choose the right port and speed based on the pet's size and nail hardness.

3.Ultra-low Noise and vibration: The electric pet nail grinder USES an advanced motor with mute technology that produces very low vibration to keep the pet calm.

4.Charging portable: There is an indicator light at the bottom. The blue light will turn on when charging. Each grinder has a built-in battery that lasts for two hours after a three-hour charge.

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