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Cat/Dog/Cattle Decoration Pendants

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An Adorable Cat/Dog/Cattle Decoration Pendants a perfect gift for you and your friends.


Color: double-sided sublimation double-sided printing; color printing, cute and interesting kitten balloon ornaments.

Easy to hang: made of light mica acrylic, easy to hang; with rope, it can be hung under the rearview mirror.

Small size: small size, 3.3 inches (height). It does not take up a large space and is hung under the rearview mirror in the car, which is easy to cooperate with other small or large decorations;

Suitable for the position in the car: perfect for car rearview mirrors, wreaths, doorways, etc. You can hang it in your car, at the door, on the garland, and they can all be used as decorations.

Gifts: The best gift choice for friends or family members, as ornaments in the car, pendants for your good friends, funny ornaments where kittens are hung by balloons, your kitten pendants will swing while driving.



Material: Acrylic

Package Included:

1x Pendants