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Climbing Paper Cats Scratch Board Toys

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✦ Cats love this Climbing Paper Cats Scratch Board Toys for Grooming and the thicker corrugated cardboard adopts a high-density honeycomb structure, durable and not hurting claws.
✦ Features:
  There are children's PVC brushes, moderate hardness, fine workmanship, skin-friendly, and non-irritating
  Cute little mouse pendant, shaking occurs, full of fun
  Convenient assembly and disassembly, not easy to shed hair.
 Watch How Much Your Kitty Likes it when the Soft Bristles Scratch their Back. 
at How Much Cat Hair This Arch Will Catch On!
 Cats Always Leave and Come Back for yet ANOTHER Good Rub.
✦ Get yours now at a discounted Price!! For Limited time only.