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Blue Plaid Cat Collar With Bow Tie

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what makes us unique?

*Fabric: each collar is made with 100%cotton designer fabric and offers a wide variety of styles to make your Pet happy.

*Spreading: the fabric is sewn on high-quality cotton spreading.

*Hardware: all hardware is heavy-duty. D-rings are welded for strength and durability.

*Adjustable for a perfect fit.
Flowers Size
across :XS=3"        (7.62 cm)
across: S=3 1/2"  (8.89 cm)
across: M/L=4"      ( 10.1 cm)
across: XL=4 1/2"  (11.4 cm)

Bowtie Dimentions
XS  = 1.75" x 3.25" (4.4 cm x 8.2 cm)

S/M=2.28'' x4.9'' (5.8cm x12.5cm)

L/XL = 2.75" x 5.25"    (6.98 cm x 13.3 cm)

XS =1/2" x 4ft
S=  3/4 " x 4ft
M= 1" x 5ft
L= 1" x 5ft
XL=1" x 5ft