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Aromatic Cat Litter Deodorant

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✦ Cat Lovers are going crazy with Aromatic Cat Litter Deodorant! Say Goodbye to those annoying bad smell elsewhere by your cat.

 Made of high-quality activated carbon material, 360-degree adsorption of odor factor, solve the odor problem of the root and taste more lasting.

 Physical adsorption and deodorization, zero flavor addition. Non-masking, real deodorization, physical adsorption, tight odor, non-proliferation.

 Suitable for all types of cat litter or litter box to improve the cat and the environment in which you live.

 Usage: each time pour one, the effect can last for 2-3 days. Add deodorized beads and mix with cat litter shovel, generally 4-6 hours after the effect is remarkable.

Tip: Every time you clean the stool, you can add 1-2 caps of deodorant beads according to the smell.